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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahon - a review

If it was possible to give more than five stars on a review this book deserves it.
In a typical small American town a silent killer stalks the streets kidnapping, maiming and killing five women and disappearing until twenty years later when suddenly it starts all over again. Is it a copy-cat killer or has the murderer the police dubbed Neptune come out of hiding one last time?
For young Reggie, just thirteen when her mother disappeared, life holds more questions than answers. Whereas the severed right hand of her mom showed up on the doorstep of the police department just like all the others whose bodies where all left on public display days later, her mother’s body was never found. Now a successful architect trying to get on with her life, she is thrown a curve-ball when a call from the hospital reveals her mother has been admitted.
Apparently her mother has been a transient, living in homeless shelters for years. How did she get back home, and why did she not die like all the others. As she begins to ask questions, her best friend from her days in high school, Tara, reappears in their life and takes the job as care-giver for her mother only to be kidnapped and her hand placed on the police department’s steps just like all the others. In a race to save Tara’s life Reggie puts her own life on the line.
Trouble is brewing in this small town. Evil is stirring up the cauldron, slowly adding ingredients such as red-herrings and false suspicions as slowly the pot comes to a boil. With the turn of every page you expect to be totally blown away. McMahon is at her best as she raises the temperature and the tempo until it all spills over and leaves you gasping in surprise

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