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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Repeat Offender by Bradley Nickell - a review

There are some criminals out there that are habitual hard-core offenders. Nickell, a former Las Vegas detective in the covert unit known as Repeat Offender Program, or ROP, shares with us one such character, one Daimon Monroe, who at the time of the trial documented in this true-crime story had forty-eight prior convictions.

Unfortunately for Monroe, the threats made to the lives of several witnesses, Chief Deputy District Attorney DiGiacomo, and Detective Nickell were all taken very seriously because they were all overheard via phone calls made from Monroe’s jail cell. Nickell spent hours listening to recorded calls, deciphering the codes used with the help of co-conspirators, including his long-time girlfriend. They were even able to get a con to wire up and tape a murder-for-hire request.

Nickell weaves an interesting tale, as fascinating as any novel and jam-packed with detail. We get to witness the shenanigans of this master crook and how he works the system in an effort to finagle his way out of jail. Nickell gives us as much of a feel as to tease the taste buds without making it a how-to-stay-out-of-jail storyline. By the time they raid Monroe’s house he has amassed several million in stolen goods, much of it in storage sheds, too. Like most criminals he protests his innocence and blames the police, hence the death threats that finally helped put him away for life.

It is still a good thing to read that there are people out there, in the form of police officers, who are still dedicated to protecting the people that are victimized by repeat offenders like Daimon Monroe, and that in a situation like this one, the system still works.

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