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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Independance Day by Ben Coes - a review

A nuclear bomb has been sold by the Russian mob to renegade hacker, Cloud, who is out to avenge his parents’ death at the hands of the CIA two generations ago.
The bomb is spirited out of Russia on an old freighter and sets course for America to arrive on the Fourth of July to set off its own explosive light display on American soil, aiming to kill hundreds of thousands.
With all seven American agents taken out in the field of combat on Russian soil by Cloud, who has infiltrated the CIA databanks giving him an inside track on every move the American government makes. It is left to washed-up Secret Agent Dewey Andreas to handle the task even though the agency wants him in a clinic in Sedona, Arizona to be treated for PTSD.
Operating blind, in the field of play, with only three days left to discover the whereabouts of the missing bomb, Andreas sets in motion actions to locate Cloud by kidnapping his fiancé, the famous ballet dancer, Katya Basaeyev, and torturing her until Cloud confesses, if he can find him.
Working hand-in-hand with the young and powerful head of the Russian mob, Alexi Malnikov, the two strange bedfellows flush out the terrorist and race to save America from a fate worse than was served up on 9/11.
Coes keeps us guessing up until the last second as to whether or not they are

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